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eID Connect Provider

The architecture of the eID Connect Server is based on the OpenID Server and extended with the according functionality, so that Relying Parties can not only request user attributes, but also can ask whether this data was verified with the German ID card.

Additionally, support for the authentication with secure hardware tokens or the German ID card was added to the server. On the other end, Relying Parties could also request the authentication means, so that they modify their services accordingly.

Security Token Extension for Authentication

The functionality of the security token or dongle was extended to enable hardware-based authentication. Usually a web browser has no access to the ports of the computer, so that an additional plugin is required. This plugin was developed and allows a simple connection of all required components.

Connecting a Relying Party

On the other end of the communication protocol, the necessary interfaces were developed for the Relying Parties, in order to implement the concept of eID Connect. The extension of the protocol allows requests and statements about the validity and verification means of the user's personal information.