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WIBU-SYSTEMS AG was founded 1989 by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit. Since its debut Wibu-Systems has been revolutionizing the international stage with innovation in security technology. The portfolio's solutions protect digital products, intellectual property and the integrity of digital data from software piracy, reverse engineering and source code manipulation. The broad and sensational spectrum of Wibu-Systems solutions has won several awards and covers multiple areas of application from computers to mobile phones, from embedded systems to cloud computing, and from SaaS to virtual modelling.


Inspired by the motto "perfection in protection" Wibu-Systems established new business models; providers for customer or business software or embedded systems can use individual licensing strategies in order to benefit from their investments.


Along its headquarters in Karlsruhe Wibu-Systems has branch offices in Seattle (USA), as well as Shanghai and Beijing, sales offices in Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, as well as a dense, worldwide network of distributors.