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Layout and Concept

The architecture of eID Connect is based on OpenID and the principle of single sign-on. The process of authentication is left for the eID Connect server, and web services can be based upon those.

Security tokens can be used to authenticate the users, which grants a higher level of security than usual log-in with username and password.

With the 'AusweisApp' (application for the German ID card) a user can save his own personal data on the server, which is verified by the German ID card. In order to use this service a special card reader is required to connect to an eID Server, which provides the verified data.

The eID Connect server provide web services with this verified data witht he approval of the user. with the German ID card and the eID Service it is possible to verify name, age, adress or if the person has passed a certain age. In addition to the data, the web services are also provided with the time when this information was accessed, in order to show its actuality.